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Bring Financial Literacy To Life
Teach personal finance with Rapunzl’s real-time simulator,
standards-aligned curriculum & national scholarship competitions.
Bring Financial Literacy
To Life
Rapunzl’s real-time simulator & integrated teacher platform inspire real-world learning and engage students with standards-aligned curriculum.
Since 2018...
Students Simulated Their
First Stock Portfolio
Scholarships Prizes
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Earn while you learn
with simulated investing competitions

Rapunzl empowers students to learn-by-doing with $10,000 simulated portfolios & integrated personal finance curriculum.

Students buy and sell ETFs and publicy-traded stocks in real-time, investing their portfolio throughout the course.
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Real-World Learning & Standards-Aligned Curriculum

Rapunzl's curriculum combines real-world financial experiences with standards-aligned lessons to ensure comprehensive learning.

Our interactive approach helps students understand and apply financial concepts in their daily lives, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Because, let's face it...

Kids will not learn to invest & manage money from a textbook.

Make the stock market
their classroom
with Rapunzl

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What Teachers Are Saying About Rapunzl
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Rapunzl has been a game-changer for my students since I started using it in 2019.

I can provide hands-on experience with real-world learning, bringing economic theories to life and enabling students to see the immediate impact of market changes while learning discipline in a risk-free environment.
Joshua Levine
CTE & Business Teacher
New Utrecht High School

New York City, NY
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Rapunzl was an amazing resource when teaching my personal finance unit.

My learners loved the interactive stock market simulation and still check their portfolios a month after concluding the unit. The activities regarding the basics of investing were incredily helpful to get students engaged.
Christine Ward
Social Sciences & Civics Teacher
Northern Cass High School

Fargo, ND
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Integrating Rapunzl into our curriculum has sparked renewed interest in math among my students and provide a risk-free way to teach about investing.

It's been really helpful to bridge the gap between theory and practical skills by showing the real-world relevance of math skills.
Benjamin Craig
Mathematics Teacher
Mather High School

Chicago, IL
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Homeschool with Rapunzl
Rapunzl provides a comprehensive personal finance curriculum that fits easily into your homeschooling education plan. Plus, the grading interface helps you track your child’s progress and learning outcomes.
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Why Rapunzl
People often view the world of finance & high-returns of Wall Street as trapped in an Ivory Tower - inaccessible and out of reach for most.

Rapunzl provides everyone with an opportunity to learn how to invest; and by doing so, we are rolling down the hair which allows everyone to climb to financial success.
Bring Rapunzl To Your Classroom
Rapunzl partners with financial services firms in order to provide enhanced learning and investing experiences to Rapunzl’s community. We leverage a full suite of digital educational resources to provide enhanced learning experiences and are fortunate to have worked with major Fortune 500 companies.

We believe everyone deserves access to financial markets. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dreams For Kids to support specific competitions for underserved students across the country.
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We Care About Students’ Data Privacy

Rapunzl complies fully with restrictions set by COPPA and FERPA—we don't store personally identifiable information such as a student’s age, location, gender, or ethnicity.

Under FERPA, parents and eligible students (aged 18 and over) shall be able to access the student’s records upon request to Rapunzl until records are deleted at the end of the school year.
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